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ELFON LTD has been in continuous operation since 1975. Its founding principles have been, Innovation, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction. Throughout the years, ELFON has been setting the standards for responsiveness to customer requests, product quality, and promptness in delivery.
All of ELFON’s products are mission critical equipment. In order to assure “zero failures” in the field, company procedures are engineered in such a way as to guarantee top quality manufacturing and testing, impeccable workmanship, rigorous Product Assurance. Personnel training and redundant checking are the cornerstones of the company’s perfect quality record.
ELFON frequently handles sensitive information. Multiple levels of security have been set up for the purpose of guaranteeing the integrity of data. Security measures include physical barriers and checks, as well as software tools and conformance to the NIST standards.

It follows then, that all company operations are set up in such a way as to assure impeccable manufacturing quality, testing reliability, and product assurance.
ELFON’s personnel are highly trained and certified professionals, dedicated to mission success.

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Στο πλαίσιο της Δράσης ΕΡΕΥΝΩ – ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΩ – ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΩ, η εταιρεία συμμετείχε στο έργο H2TRANS (Τ1ΕΔΚ-05294) το οποίο οδήγησε στην κατασκευή του πρώτου Ελληνικού πρατηρίου ανεφοδιασμού μικρο-οχημάτων με υδρογόνο.